Landlord Information

Landscaping - Mow and trim all lawn areas. Garden beds should be weed free and all hedges trimmed. Ensure boundary fences are secure.

Gutters - Not only are overflowing gutters a fire hazard, they detract from the external appeal of your home. A quick clean out can do wonders for the appearance of your property.

Smoke Alarms - By law, all properties must have working and operational smoke alarms.

Painting - An inexpensive update and a worthwhile option to enhance the presentation of your property. Keep colours neutral and bright.

Floor Coverings - We strongly encourage all landlords to have carpets professionally steam cleaned before leasing a property.

Windows and Blinds - Ensure that all blinds and curtains are clean and in working order. Replace any loose chains or torn screens. 

Cleanliness - Present your home in its cleanest state. This will attract houseproud prospective tenants who will maintain the home in a similar condition.

Simple Repairs - Ensure that all items in and around the home are in sound working order. Repair any minor issues before leasing your home. If left unattended, repairs will only cost you money when a tenant moves in. 

Safety First - All electrical wiring and power points must be safe. Ensure all electrical appliance inclusions are in good working order. 

Instruction Manuals - Attempt to provide copies of instruction manuals to your tenants for any appliances featured in your home. 

Insurance Protection - Be sure to hold current comprehensive and public liability insurance cover on your property. We also suggest our owners have Landlord Insurance which can cover you in the event of any unforeseen complications such as unpaid rent or damage to the property. 

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